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alyssa. 22.
living in seoul, korea.
loving life!

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i’m sorry



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thanks to good friends.. i will soon be getting this signed! ♥

thanks to good friends.. i will soon be getting this signed! ♥

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luhan’s sexy dance

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i saw a guy who looked like kris from exo-m the other night at a park convenience store. we kind of looked at each other.. he probably knew i was staring. but i wasn’t 100% sure if it was him. my friend and i kind of followed him and his friends to the basketball court where he joined 5 other guys. after watching for a little while, my guy friend asked one of them (also good looking according to him) to join their next game, but they said they were finishing.

just found a picture posted on a fan site with kris in the exact same outfit and the exact same hairstyle the as the other night. it was him.

i’m not a shy person.. but that night i turned into a coward! ugh.. sooo regretting that.

hopefully i get the chance to run into him again.. but that’s probably unlikely.